How do I add Blocks?

In the old LayoutEngine you could click the + Add Block button in the upper right corner. With our new LayoutEngine you add Blocks by clicking an Insert Point. As you hover around your Page, blog post, event, Sidebar, Footer, or other area where you add Blocks you'll see little + signs appear along with black Insert Markers. The + is the Insert Point. Click it to bring up the Block Menu. The black Insert Marker is where the Block will appear. You can also click and drag the Block Icon from the Block Menu to place it in another area on your page.

Can I move Blocks?

Absolutely. All Blocks can be clicked and dragged around the page. Just like with our old LayoutEngine, Blocks can only be moved around on the page to which you added it and not to a new page.

How do I wrap text around an image?

We've made wrapping text easier in our new LayoutEngine. Simply click and drag your Image Block into a Text Block. When you see the Insert Marker turn into a gray box you can drop the Image Block. The Image Block will Float in the Text Block and text will wrap around it.

You can do the same thing with just about every Block. For example, if you're writing a news article or an interview and want to wrap text around a quote, you can Float a Quote Block inside a Text Block to wrap text around it.

How do I remove Blocks from my page?

There are three ways you can remove a Block. The first is to right-click or double-click on the Block and click Remove.

The second way is to single-click a Block and press delete on your keyboard.

The third way is to click and drag the Block into the trash can that appears at the bottom of a page while dragging Blocks. In order to click and drag a Text Block you will need to click the padding around the Text Block.

Do you have any other resources where I can find out more about the new Layout Engine?

Yes! We have some guides you covering some specific aspects of the LayoutEngine:

You can also reach out to our customer care team if you have any other questions. You can send an email or begin a live chat by clicking the buttons at the bottom of this page.