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The Site Manager

Site management takes place in the Site Manager and is split between five key areas: Preview, Content, Activity, Settings, and Commerce.


Preview Mode shows your site as your visitors will see it. Access the Style Mode to make cosmetic changes or Edit Mode to add content in the Footer and Sidebars when available.


The Content Manager allows you to add or edit the pages on your site. Use the Page Builder LayoutEngine to add Blocks to your Pages and Posts.


The Activity area allows you to manage blog comments, as well as view your site statistics.


Site Settings allows you to set the preferences for numerous areas of your site. Use this area to edit site-wide settings like your Site Title, custom domain, template, and locale.


The Commerce area gives you the tools needed to manage your online store. Here, you can add a tax rule, shipping method, and coupons. You can also manage your orders, inventory, and store settings.

Contact Squarespace

Should you need any assistance with your site, you can contact our Customer Care team from directly within your site, 24/7! We also offer Live Chat directly from our Help Site Monday through Friday between the hours of 3AM and 8PM Eastern time.