Note: If you’re using Squarespace 7 or joined Squarespace after October 17, 2014, visit the Squarespace 7 version of this guide.

You can display your most recent tweets and a follow button using the Twitter Block.

Note: The Twitter Block displays your most recent tweets, but not conversations. Replies to tweets do not display in the Twitter block.

Step 1 - Add the Twitter Block

View a Page, Blog Post, Event, or a Product's Additional Info in the Content Manager and click and Insert Point where you would like to add your Twitter Block.

In the Block Menu scroll down to Social and click on the Twitter Block to add it to the Insert Point.

You can also click and drag the Twitter Block to place it in a different area of the page.

Note:  You can also click add the Twitter Block to a Sidebar and Footer, if your template supports it.  We have a guide for adding content to your Sidebar here and to your Footer here.

Step 2 - Add a Twitter Account

In the configuration panel, click the New Account button to add your Twitter account.


You will need to authorize Squarespace 6 to use your Twitter account.  A separate window will pop up promoting you to authorize this account.


Note:  If you have already connected your Twitter account in your Connected Accounts then you will not need to add it here.  You will need to select the appropriate Twitter account from a drop down menu.


Step 3 - Configure the Twitter Block

You can select the number of tweets you would like to display using the slider on the Twitter Block configuration panel.


You can also show or hide your Twitter Avatar with the Show Avatar setting. 


You can show or hide your Twitter handle with the Show Username setting.


You can also toggle the Follow Button with the Show Follow Button setting.


The Twitter Block will also allow you to add additional Twitter Accounts to your site and choose the Twitter feed you wish to display.


Note:  The Twitter Block will only display one Twitter feed at a time.  You can add multiple Twitter Blocks to your site to display more than one Twitter Feed.

When you are finished, click the Save button to keep your changes to the Twitter Block.


Note:  You will need to make sure your tweets are not password protected for your Twitter Block to pull your tweets.

Depending on your template, the Twitter Block will appear similar to this:


Step 4 - Refresh Account Data (Optional)

You can also manually refresh the account data that populates in the Twitter Block from the Settings > Connected Accounts section of the Content Manager.

Select the Twitter account from the list on the right and click the Reset Data Button in the Twitter Settings window that appears.