You can use OpenTable to allow visitors to your site to book reservations to your restaurant. Once you have received your OpenTable ID, you can add the OpenTable Block to your site so visitors can book reservations.

Note: If your restaurant is not already in the OpenTable network, you can sign up your restaurant by filling out the form at the bottom of this page to receive an OpenTable Restaurant ID. 

Step 1 - Add the OpenTable Block

View a Page, blog post, event, or a product's Additional Info in the Content Manager and click an Insert Point where you would like to add your OpenTable Block.

In the Block Menu, scroll down to More and click the OpenTable Block to add it to the Insert Point.

You can also click and drag the OpenTable Block to place it in a different area of the page.

Note: You can also add the OpenTable Block to a Sidebar and Footer, if your template supports it. We have a guide for adding content to your Sidebar here and to your Footer here.

Step 2 - Enter your OpenTable Restaurant ID

Enter your OpenTable Restaurant ID in the OpenTable Block Editor.


Note: If you do not know where to locate your OpenTable Restaurant ID, you can find reach out OpenTable's support team here.

Step 3 - Save the OpenTable Block

Click Save in the bottom-right corner.

Note: The OpenTable Block contains embedded code and will only be rendered on the front of your site. The Block will not appear in the Content Manager.

Step 4 - Preview the OpenTable Block

Click the Preview icon to view the OpenTable Block on your site. This may appear differently depending on the template you are using.


When a customer clicks Find a Table, a window pops up where they can complete the reservation.

Note: If a customer visits your site over an https connection, then a new tab opens instead of a window.

Step 5 - Adjust the OpenTable Block Styling (Optional)

You can make style changes to the OpenTable Block from within the Style Editor. These include options for adjusting the block color and controlling the display of icons.


To access the Style Editor, click the Paintbrush icon within the site Preview to open the Style Editor on the left of your site.


Use the Color value to adjust the color of the OpenTable block.



Check the Hide OpenTabe Icons checkbox to hide the icons displaying within the OpenTable Block.



You can change the icon and button style from Light to Dark

Light Style

Light Style

Dark Style

Dark Style

You can also change the shape and font of the OpenTable block button in the Style Editor under "Buttons"

OpenTable_block Button.png

There are 3 shape options: Square, Rounded and Pill