The Line Block adds a horizontal line (<hr> in HTML) between blocks on your site. This is a great way to break up text or visually separate other elements.

Step 1 - Add the Line Block

Click an Insert Point to add the Line Block.

In the Block Menu, scroll down and select Line.

line block.jpg

To move the block into place, click and drag it to another area of the page.

Note: You can also add the Line Block to a sidebar and footer if your template supports it.

Step 2 - Place the Line Block

You can click and drag the Line Block to place it within your content. Use the black Insert Mark to anchor your Block and help guide your placement.


Step 4 - Color Your Line Block

Some templates have the ability to change the color of the Line Block. If your template has an element in the Style Editor called Page Border Color, or something similar, then you may be able to change the color of your Line Block.

Note: Changing the color of the Line Block is not possible on every template. We have guides for some specific templates here.