You can transfer your Squarespace-managed domain to a different domain provider and host.

Note: You cannot transfer a domain name that was registered less than 60 days ago.

Step 1 - Access your Advanced Domain Options

To transfer your domain you'll need access to your Advanced Domain Options. Use our guide here to request access and log in.

Step 2 - Update Contact Information

Once you are logged into your Advanced Domain Options, click Organization.

Make sure the Organization Contact contains the correct contact information. Also apply these changes to the Admin, Technical, and Billing Contacts.

Note: This should be your contact information.

Click Save Configuration.

Step 3 - Unlock Your Domain

Login to your Squarespace site and access your Domains Settings from the Site Manager.

Hover over your Squarespace-managed domain and click unlock.

Hover over your domain again and click get transfer key.

Your transfer key will appear beneath your domain.

Step 4 - Transfer Your Domain

To transfer your domain to your new domain host you will need to send them this transfer key.

Step 5 - Lock Domain (Optional)

If you change your mind and wish to keep your domain as a Squarespace-managed domain, you can hover over your domain and click lock.