You can move and position Content Blocks to different locations on a Page, blog post, event, or Product Additional Info within your Content Manager.

Note: There is no setting to duplicate a Content Block or to move a Content Block from one page to another. Blocks can only be moved around on the page to which you added it.

Step 1 - Select a Page

When you first login to your site you will be in your Content Manager and able to select the page you want to edit. You can also access the Content Manager by clicking the lower case a button in the Site Manager on the left.

Or, if you are in Preview Mode, by clicking the gear icon in the Preview Editor.

Click the page you want to edit.

Note: If you are editing a Blog Post or an Event, you will need to click the Post or Event to bring up the Editor.

Step 2 - Move the Content Block

Hover your cursor over the Block you want to move. An outline will appear around the Block and your cursor will turn into a hand.

To move the Block you simply need to click and drag it to your desired location on the page.

To move a Text Block you will need to hover over the side of the Text Block until you see the hand. Then you can click and drag as usual.

Create Columns and Rows

Use the black Insert Markers to create columns and rows in your page.

Note: When creating columns you can have 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 columns and have all the columns have an equal width. If you have a different number of columns they will need to have different widths.

The placement of Content Blocks will affect how your site appears on a mobile device. Columns on a page will stack on a mobile device, with the leftmost column on top and the rightmost column on bottom. We have a guide on how your site will look on a mobile device here.

Depending the template you are using you may also be able to add Content Blocks to a Sidebar or Footer. A Sidebar is a column on your page, so Content Blocks can only be added in a row. You can check out our guide on adding content to a Sidebar here. Depending on your template, you may be able to add columns to your Footer. Check out our guide on Footers here and our template guides here.

Wrapping Text Around Blocks

The Insert Mark will appear as a gray box in paragraphs of text to indicate where you can Float a Block in text. Floating a Block will allow text to wrap around the Block.

Note: We have a guide on Floating Content Blocks here.