Note: If you’re using Squarespace 7 or joined Squarespace after October 17, 2014, visit the Squarespace 7 version of this guide.

You can use our import tools to import content from a WordPress site.

Note: WordPress version 3.2 or higher is required to import your content. WordPress has a great FAQ for updating your site version here

Step 1 - Access the Import/Export Settings

First, click the Settings icon in the Site Manager to enter the Settings area and select the Import/Export tab.  

Step 2 - Import WordPress Content

Next, click the Import Site button in the upper right corner.

Select WordPress from the grid of options. 

You can import your WordPress content in two ways: using your WordPress login credentials or using a WordPress Import file

Importing with WordPress Login Credentials

Within the Basic tab, enter your WordPress URL, WordPress Login, and Password. Then click the Begin Import button to import your WordPress content.

Importing with WordPress Import File

Login to your WordPress site. Within your WordPress dashboard, go to the Tools area and select Export. Then, click Export under Export Option.


Select the WordPress content you would like to export and click the Download Export File button to export and download the WordPress XML file to your computer. 


Within the Advanced tab on Squarespace, upload your WordPress XML file. Click the Begin Import button to import your WordPress content. 


A progress bar will indicate that your WordPress content is importing to your Squarespace site. A Success message will appear once the import is complete. 

What kind of content gets imported from WordPress?

Squarespace will import all of your Posts, Pages, Comments, and Attachments. Style and other content must be manually moved over.

Note: Content added via a plugin will not import into your Squarespace site.

Step 3 - Enable your Imported Content

Click the Content icon to enter the Content Manager. Scroll to the Not Linked section to view your imported WordPress content. 

Select your imported WordPress pages and click the Enable button.


Note: You must enable your imported WordPress pages to use these on your site and for all of your WordPress images to appear. The steps for enabling a page can be found here

Move Imported Content to your Navigation

If you would like your imported WordPress pages to appear in your main navigation, drag and drop your WordPress pages from the Not Linked section to your Navigation section. 

Preview Imported Content

Click the Preview icon to preview your site. Depending upon the template you are using and the WordPress content you import, it will appear similar to this: 


Note: Squarespace Trial Accounts have an import limit of 20 entries and a maximum file size of 20MB.

Move blog posts to another Blog Page

Once you've imported your blog, you can move your blog posts between Blog pages. Holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, click on the blog posts you would like to move.  More than one blog post can be selected this way.  A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen with the option to Move Items to another blog page or Delete them.


Once you have selected the posts to move, you will see the Select Destination Collection menu prompt.


Select the Blog that you wish to move the blog posts to and click on Move Items.

Note: Blog Posts can only be moved to other Blog Pages.