You can use URL Mappings to shorten existing page URL's, redirect a URL that no longer exists on your site, or even redirect a URL to an external website address, using 301 and 302 redirects.

Step 1 - Access Advanced Settings

From your Settings, click URL Mappings.

Step 2 - Create Shortcuts

In your Advanced Settings, you can create URL Mappings by typing three important elements on a single line:

  1. The new shortcut URL, relative to your root domain (where is your root domain).
  2. The destination URL for that shortcut.
  3. The type of Redirect you want to use, 301 or 302. (learn more about both here.)

For example, to create a new shortcut location using:  You would type /shortcut/ in the beginning of that line, leaving off the root domain.

And then, separated by ->, type in your destination URL.

For example:

would be typed as:


Finish your line with the Redirect Type.  Not sure which method to use?  See this FAQ entry for clarification.

The completed shortcut used above would be:

/shortcut/ -> /blog/my-latest-entry-on-xyz 301

Note: When typing this line, -> is an actual character that you have to include for the link to work correctly.

Step 3 - Redirecting to an External URL (Optional)

Using the same logic, you can map a shortcut to an external Website.  To do this properly, you will need to use the full URL of the external site.

For example, to point:



you would type:

/make-websites/ -> 301


Step 4 - Save & Verify

After adding in your shortcuts and mappings, click the Save Settings button in the Top Right.


If your shortcuts are properly setup, they will work from your Squarespace URL and custom domain name.  To test this, type in the the URL shortcut that you created.  For example:

For both the 301 and 302 redirect, you will be automatically directed to the existing URL:

Note: We recommend adding the trailing slash to all shortcuts like this: /shortcut/

Doing so will allow the server to match both possibilities: and

Note: Shortcut URLs must use unique url identifier names. If a url name (e.g. /home/ ) is already in use on another page in your site, it will not successfully redirect. You cannot use the same url name for multiple pages in your site.