A Disabled page will not display to the public or be indexed by search engines, allowing you to work on it without the content being seen. A page must be Enabled in order to display to the public and be indexed by search engines.

Step 1 - Access the Content Manager

Collections can be enabled or disabled within the Content Manager in your Site Manager.

Click the Gear icon in the Preview Editor to access the Content Manager.

Click the Content Manager icon in your Site Manager , then click a page that is currently disabled.

Note: Disabled pages will appear greyed out when compared to Enabled pages.

Step 2 - Enable Pages

Enable the selected page by clicking the Enable button within the prompt that appears in the bottom right corner when selecting a disabled page.

Alternatively, you can click the Settings button.

Then click Enable toggle beneath the Page Title in the Configure Page panel.

Step 3 - Disable Pages (Optional)

Select an Enabled page, then click Page Settings.

In the page configuration panel, click the Enabled toggle to disable the page.