You can import your galleries in SmugMug into your Squarespace site. If you don't have a SmugMug account you can sign up for a free trial here.

Step 1 - Connect your SmugMug Account

Within the Site Manager, navigate to the Settings area, then click the Connected Accounts.

Click the Add Account button at the top right.

Within the Connected Accounts overlay, select SmugMug.

Enter your SmugMug Nickname, then click the Connect to SmugMug button to connect your account.

If you are not already logged in to your SmugMug account, you will be prompted to log in to your account using your email address and password.

Once you have authorized your Squarespace site to use your SmugMug account, SmugMug will appear in your list of Connected Accounts within the Settings.

Step 2 - Import your SmugMug Images

Once your SmugMug account is connected, click the Import Albums to Squarespace button.

Then, select the SmugMug album you would like to import.

Note: You can importmultiple albums from SmugMug into Squarespace, but you can only import one album at a time.

You can then select the images from the album you would like to import and click the Finish & Import button. You can import up to 50 images at a time.

You will find your images added to a new Gallery Page in your Not Linked navigation.

Note: This is a one-way import. Any changes made to your album in SmugMug will not be reflected on the Gallery Page in your Squarespace site.

Once you have imported your SmugMug albums, you can add additional images or edit current images directly within the Gallery page. If you have added a title or caption to your images in SmugMug, these will appear within the Title and Description area of your images in the Gallery page.

Note: We have a great guide for using a Gallery page here.

Step 3 - Add your Gallery to the Main Navigation (Optional)

If you want your new Gallery to appear within the main navigation of your site, you can click and drag the Gallery to the Main Navigation.

Step 4 - Display a Social Icon (Optional)

If you are displaying Social Icons within your site, you can enable or disable the SmugMug icon within the Connected Accounts area by selecting your SmugMug account.

You can then Toggle the Social Icon ON to display this on your site.

Note: You can use the Social Links Block as another way to display the SmugMug social icon. We have a guide for setting this up here.

Step 5 - Selling your Images (Optional)

All images imported from SmugMug will have a clickthrough link to their specific page in SmugMug. You can find the clickthrough link in the Options tab of the image editor.

For templates using a System Gallery, this clickthrough link will appear as Read More with your image's title or description. This will only appear when a Title or Description has also been added to the image.

Note: The System Gallery is only used by specific Blog and Business templates, with the exception of Hudson and Montauk. Portfolio templates display their own unique Gallery and may not display the click through link.