You can export certain content from your Squarespace site into an .xml file. This is useful if you want to back up your site or export content into WordPress.

Note: Not every part of your site will export, as many features rely on our platform’s JavaScript and CSS.

What content will export?

These pages and content will export:

  • Basic Pages, Gallery Pages, and one Blog Page (and all of its posts)

  • Only text and images will export. Text Blocks, Image Blocks, and Gallery Blocks will export. Text from other blocks like the Embed Block, Twitter Block, and Instagram Block will export with minimum structure.

These pages and content won’t export:

  • Product Pages, Folders, Event Pages, and Album Pages

  • Only one Blog Page will export. If you have multiple Blog Pages, you must select one Blog Page.

  • Audio Blocks, Video Blocks, and Product Blocks

  • Style changes

  • Custom CSS

Step 1 -  Go to the Import/Export tab

In the Site Manager, click the Settings icon, and then click the Import / Export tab.

Step 2 - Start the Export

Click Export Site.

Click the WordPress icon.

If you’re not importing the exported content into WordPress site, click the icon anyway. The exported file can only be in a WordPress format, but you don’t have to import it into WordPress.

Step 3 - Select a Primary Blog

If you have more than one Blog Page on your site, select a Primary Blog from the drop-down menu. Only one Blog Page can be exported.

Click Export

Wait for the export to process. This may take a few minutes depending on the amount of content on your site.

Step 4 - Download the Exported File

When the export is complete, a list of processed pages will display.

Click Download to save the .xml file to your computer. 

The .xml file can be exported into an WordPress installation.