Yes. You can export your site to a Wordpress-compatible format. This will export your Pages, Blog Pages, and their respective content.



Step 1 - Access the Import / Export setting

Access the Settings  within your Site Manager, then click Import/Export.

Step 2 - Select the Export Button

Click the Export Site button in the top of right of the Import/Export settings.

Click the Wordpress icon.

Step 3 - Choose Your Primary Blog (Optional)

Select your primary blog if you have added more than one blog page to your site.

Note: Unlike Squarespace, Wordpress does not allow a single installation to manage multiple blogs. If you have more than one Blog page added to your site, you will need to choose the Blog page that you want to export. 

Step 4 - Export Your Content

Click the Export button.

Step 5 - Download the Exported File

Once your export has completed, click the Download button to save your file to your computer.

Note: The file exported will in be in an .xml format that can be imported into a Wordpress installation.