Contributors allow you to manage roles and permissions for your site. You can grant as little or as much access to your site for other users to help manage your site as you wish.

Note: If you are on the Personal Plan, you will only be able to add one additional Contributor (for a total of two). All other plans allow for an unlimited number of Contributors.

Step 1 - Access the Permissions Settings

From your Site Manager, navigate to the Settings area and click the Permissions tab.

Step 2 - Add a Contributor

First, click the Invite button in the top right.


You will be prompted to enter the contributor's name, email address and select the permission group(s) you wish to grant.

Note: For a list of what permissions each Contributor has, visit Squarespace Permissions Explained.

After selecting the permissions, click the Send Invite button to send your invitation. 


Invited contributors will appear under the Invites Sent area.


Your contributor will be prompted to login to Squarespace and create a Squarespace account.

Note: You may cancel an invitation before it is accepted. The invitation can be edited or removed by clicking on the name of the invitee under the Invites Sent area.
Note: For more information on what each permission can and can't do, visit our guide here.

Step 3 - Manage a Contributor's Permissions (Optional)

Contributors with Permissions

Click on the contributor's name to access their permissions.



Select permissions and click the Save button. Highlighted permissions are currently selected for the contributor.


To remove all permissions, click the Remove Access button.


Removing access will place a contributor in the Contributors without Permissions section.

Contributors Without Permissions

For contributors without permissions, you can set new permissions or remove the contributor completely.

Click on the contributor's name to access their permissions.


Select permissions and click the Save button.


Remove access for a contributor by clicking the Remove button.


You'll then need to select a new author to replace the removed Contributor.

Note: The Remove button will remove the contributor completely.