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  1. Creating a Wedding Site (Workshop)

    This 20 minute workshop video is designed to help newly engaged couples provide guests their wedding event details, create an RSVP form, link guests to online gift registries, accept donations online, and plan their travel. 

  2. Getting Started (Workshop)

    This workshop will guide you through the basics of getting started with Squarespace, including choosing a template, adding content and editing the style of your site.

  3. This workshop details all there is to know about images, including image formatting, using Galleries,  adding images within site content, and editing images.

  4. Squarespace Commerce (Workshop)

    This workshop will cover all of the basics of getting your store set up with Squarespace 6, including connecting Stripe, adding products, managing orders, and configuring settings.

  5. Blogging with Squarespace (Workshop)

    This workshop is designed to walk you through using Squarespace 6 as a blogging tool by creating blog content, organizing content, commenting, and using social media to share content.

  6. This workshop is designed for students, recent graduates and creative professionals looking to show off their work and experience, as well as their personality to attract jobs and clients.

  7. Creating a Restaurant Site (Workshop)

    This 30 minute Workshop will walk you through the basics of adding information that customers will want to find out about your restaurant, including the location, menu, and contact info.