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Third Party Integration

  1. Displaying files on your site

    You can add .pdfs, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, and Google Docs to your site using the steps in this guide.

  2. Using TimeTrade with Squarespace

    TimeTrade is an online appointment scheduling software that integrates sales, marketing, service, CRM, and business process management. This guide will show you how to add the TimeTrade appointment booking button to a page on your site.

  3. Using Acuity Scheduling With Squarespace

    You can add a calendar to your site for online booking using the third-party service Acuity Scheduling.

  4. Using Checkfront with Squarespace

    Checkfront is a service that allows you to accept reservations and payments online.

  5. Swiftype is a service that gives you the tools to create a search for your site and then be able to track and monitor for the content your users are searching. 

  6. Adding BeerMenus to Squarespace

    BeerMenus is a great service to use to automatically update your restaurant's, bar's, or venue's beer selections. You can add your BeerMenus menu to your Squarespace site so menu updates sync automatically. If you change your BeerMenus page, you'll only need to make the change once and the menu display will update on your site.

  7. Using Timely With Squarespace

    This guide will walk you through integrating the online booking service Timely into your Squarespace site.

  8. Using With Squarespace

    You can configure a calendar and button for online appointment booking and display it on your site using the third-party service,

  9. Using Animoto with Squarespace

    Adding an Animoto video to your website is easy with our Video Block.

  10. Can I allow visitors to subscribe to my blog via email?

    You can allow your users to subscribe to your blog with their email address using a third-party service like Mailchimp or Feedburner. This will allow users to be automatically updated via email whenever you publish a new post. 

  11. Using Issuu With Squarespace

    Issuu is a service for uploading and viewing PDF files. You can use Issuu to embed PDF files to view on your Squarespace site.

  12. How do I add a MLS search to my site?

    An MLS, or multiple listing service, can be used to display a search for house listings. This is used by real estate agents brokers to allow viewers to search for listings in their area.

  13. How do I add an icon to bookmark my site on iOS devices?

    Adding an Apple Touch Icon for your site is a great way to allow visitors to bookmark the site on their devices using an icon on their home screen.

  14. Adding Product Reviews

    You can allow your customers to leave comments and reviews on your Products using some third party plugins.

  15. Using YouCanBook.Me with Squarespace

    You can integrate YouCanBook.Me with your Squarespace site to use a Google Calendar to allow visitors to book events and appointments.

  16. Using BookingBug With Squarespace

    You can configure a calendar for online booking and display it on your site using the third-party sevice, BookingBug. 

  17. Using Bookeo With Squarespace

    You can configure a calendar for online booking and display it on your site using the third-party service, Bookeo.

  18. Using Hipmob With Squarespace

    You can add a live chat tab on your site using the third-party service, Hipmob.

  19. Using Wufoo With Squarespace

    You can use the third-party service, Wufoo, to create a customized form for your site.

  20. Using MailChimp With Squarespace

    MailChimp is an email marketing service that allows you to generate newsletters for your visitors. Use the Form Block, Checkout page and RSS to Email campaigns in Mailchimp to stay connected with your audience and customers.

  21. Using Google Translate with Squarespace

    You can utilize the Google Translate button with your site to easily make it available in multiple languages.

  22. Using Typekit With Squarespace

    Squarespace has 67 Typekit fonts built into the Typography options in the Style Editor. This guide shows you how to add other Typekit fonts to your site, including custom fonts.

  23. How do I enable Disqus for comments on my site?

    Disqus is a 3rd-party commenting solution that can be connected to your Squarespace 6 account to replace the Squarespace default commenting system. 

  24. Can I place advertisements on my site?

    You can include advertisements within your Squarespace site using services like Google AdSense.

  25. With our partnership with Google Apps, you can create a custom email address using your custom domain. This feature is only available in Squarespace 7.

  26. Using PayPal With Squarespace

    If you are unable to use the built-in Commerce tools with Stripe, you can use PayPal to sell products on your Squarespace website.

  27. How do I add a Google +1 button to my site?

    You can get code from Google to add to your site to create a Google +1 button for your pages and blog posts. 

  28. Connecting to GoToWebinar

    GoToWebinar is used for connecting to Squarespace Workshops.

  29. Using Etsy with Squarespace

    You can configure items for an online store and display them on your site using the third-party service, Etsy.

  30. Using Shopify With Squarespace

    You can embed a shop with your products into your site using the third-party service, Shopify.