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Style Changes

  1. Using the Checkout Style Editor

    The Checkout Style Editor allows you to style your checkout page to match the aesthetic of your website.

  2. How do I switch templates?

    Squarespace allows you to install multiple templates onto a single website and work on multiple designs at once.

  3. Making Style Changes

    A style represents visual customizations on top of a layout. You can use Squarespace's visual interface to customize your fonts, colors, and spacing settings.

  4. How can I change the style of my Products Page?

    You can make some style changes to your Products page using the Style Editor, including Colors, Sizes & Values and Options for the appearance of your products. 

  5. How do I configure the style of my Events page?

    There are several style changes you can make to your Events page using template specific options in your Style Editor. This will include Time Format, Thumbnails and Icons, Event Date and Excerpts, Event List and Options.

  6. Why does my site shift from left to right when switching pages?

    This may be because not all your pages are long enough to force the scroll bar to display within your browser. This is normal, as browsers will only display the scroll bar if it is needed.

  7. Using the CSS Editor

    If you have coding knowledge and want to customize your site beyond the adjustments you can make in the Style Editor, you can add add CSS code using the CSS Editor.

  8. How should I use custom CSS?

    While in the Style Editor , you have the option of adding custom CSS to the CSS Editor.  This allows you to customize your site's styles beyond what is offered in the Style Editor.

  9. Using Google Fonts with Squarespace

    Google Fonts are open source fonts hosted by Google. These are integrated directly within Squarespace to allow to select from over 600 Google custom fonts to customize your website.