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  1. How do I duplicate a page?

    You can duplicate an existing page on your site from Page Settings. This allows you to quickly add a page with the same layout and Blocks as the original page. Duplicating a Page allows you to quickly generate Pages on your site with the same layout and Content Blocks as the original Page.

  2. Can I move content to a different page?

    You can move blog posts, Gallery Page images and videos, events, products, and album tracks to another page.

  3. Using the Index Page

    The Index Page allows you to display your content in a unique way by using Thumbnail Images to navigate pages in your site or display Gallery content. An Index Page is useful if you have multiple Galleries or projects, want to use images to display links to your site content, or create a long scrolling page.

  4. Autosaving and Recovering Content

    As you write and edit Blog Posts, your changes automatically save every 90 seconds.

  5. Importing and Exporting Content

    Use the Import/Export page in Site Settings to import and export content to and from your Squarespace site.

  6. Content Collections are the dynamic pages which house all in-page content for your Squarespace site. Many of these collections offer you the ability to merge varying types of content in a single page or present a single type of content in a unique way, which is why we refer to them as collections of content.

  7. Building a Page with LayoutEngine

    To build a page using the Squarespace Layout Engine you can start by adding a Page or by following the steps below.

  8. Adding and removing content in a Page

    Don't need a Blog or a Gallery? Learn how to add content to a regular Page.

  9. You can use the Gallery Page (also known as the Gallery Collection) to create galleries of images and videos.

  10. Adding content to a Blog Page

    Learn how to add blog posts and content to your blog posts.

  11. How do I add products to my Commerce site?

    Learn how to add products to a Products Page on your site.

  12. Using the Events Page

    Use the Events Page to add a calendar of events to your site.

  13. Using the Album Page

    Use the Album Page to add an album of audio files to your website.

  14. You can use Folders to create dropdown menus in your site.

  15. Links to external pages or pages within your Squarespace site can be added in the Navigation area of the Content Manager.

  16. You can add blocks to a sidebar in order to display content on the side of a page. 

  17. Some templates have a customizable Footer at the bottom of each page. This guide walks you through how to access and edit your footer if your template has one.

  18. Sharing content from your Squarespace site

    There are several ways to share content from your Squarespace site across the web.

  19. Using Focal Points

    Squarespace will automatically generate multiple sizes of each image you add to your site. The system will also decide how to crop and size images you upload so they fit where you place them on your site. Focal points in Squarespace provide you a tool to exert some control over the area of focus in your images.

  20. Editing images with the Aviary Editor

    The Aviary Editor can be used to apply adjustment, such as special effects and crops, to images added to the Image Block and Gallery Page.