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  1. How do I duplicate a page?

    You can duplicate an existing page on your site from Page Settings. This allows you to quickly add a page with the same layout and Blocks as the original page. Duplicating a Page allows you to quickly generate Pages on your site with the same layout and Content Blocks as the original Page.

  2. Can I move content to a different page?

    You can move blog posts, Gallery Page images and videos, events, products, and album tracks to another page.

  3. Using the Index Page

    The Index Page allows you to display your content in a unique way by using Thumbnail Images to navigate pages in your site or display Gallery content. An Index Page is useful if you have multiple Galleries or projects, want to use images to display links to your site content, or create a long scrolling page.

  4. Autosaving and Recovering Content

    As you write and edit Blog Posts, your changes automatically save every 90 seconds.

  5. Importing and Exporting Content

    Use the Import/Export page in Site Settings to import and export content to and from your Squarespace site.

  6. Content Collections are the dynamic pages which house all in-page content for your Squarespace site. Many of these collections offer you the ability to merge varying types of content in a single page or present a single type of content in a unique way, which is why we refer to them as collections of content.

  7. Building a Page with LayoutEngine

    To build a page using the Squarespace Layout Engine you can start by adding a Page or by following the steps below.

  8. Adding and removing content in a Page

    Don't need a Blog or a Gallery? Learn how to add content to a regular Page.

  9. You can use the Gallery Page (also known as the Gallery Collection) to create galleries of images and videos.

  10. Adding content to a Blog Page

    Learn how to add blog posts and content to your blog posts.

  11. How do I add products to my Commerce site?

    Learn how to add products to a Products Page on your site.

  12. Using the Events Page

    Use the Events Page to add a calendar of events to your site.

  13. Using the Album Page

    Use the Album Page to add an album of audio files to your website.

  14. You can use Folders to create dropdown menus in your site.

  15. Links to external pages or pages within your Squarespace site can be added in the Navigation area of the Content Manager.

  16. You can add blocks to a sidebar in order to display content on the side of a page. 

  17. Some templates have a customizable Footer at the bottom of each page. This guide walks you through how to access and edit your footer if your template has one.

  18. Sharing content from your Squarespace site

    There are several ways to share content from your Squarespace site across the web.

  19. Using Focal Points

    Squarespace will automatically generate multiple sizes of each image you add to your site. The system will also decide how to crop and size images you upload so they fit where you place them on your site. Focal points in Squarespace provide you a tool to exert some control over the area of focus in your images.

  20. Editing images with the Aviary Editor

    The Aviary Editor can be used to apply adjustment, such as special effects and crops, to images added to the Image Block and Gallery Page.

  21. Adding a Page Header or Footer

    Some templates offer the ability to add page specific headers and/or footers. This can be especially useful to add extra blocks that can complimentary content on Blogs, Galleries, Index Pages, Events, and Albums.  

  22. Footer Navigation is a collection of links located separate from the Main Navigation.  The Footer Navigation is found within the footer of your website.

  23. Secondary Navigation is a collection of links located separately from the Main Navigation. The Secondary Navigation is usually found beneath the Main Navigation or in the footer of your website.

  24. You can use Clickthrough URLs to link text or images to a webpage or a file.

  25. Can I set up an "Under Construction" page on my site?

    Site not finished yet? Create an Under Construction page to let your visitors know that the content is coming soon to an internet near you!

  26. Creating a Contact Page

    You can create a contact page on your site that will provide visitors with basic information as well as a way to get in contact with the site owner. 

  27. How will my site appear on a mobile device?

    All Squarespace sites use responsive designs that include optimization for display on mobile devices. Simply selecting a template is all that is necessary to include a mobile design for your site.

  28. Categories and Tags offer you the ability to subdivide the content of multi-item pages into smaller subsets which can be found more easily by your visitors.  You can add categories and tags in Blog Posts, Gallery Images, Events, Products, and Album Tracks.

  29. Adding a Mobile Info Bar

    The Mobile Info Bar is a great way to allows customers to see information about your site or business quickly while on a mobile device. You can display your business hours, location, phone number, and email address.

  30. You can use the Announcement Bar to add a featured message to display a custom message above  your site. This can be used to announce things like a sale in your store or scheduled site maintenance.

  31. How do I configure the style of my Events page?

    There are several style changes you can make to your Events page using template specific options in your Style Editor. This will include Time Format, Thumbnails and Icons, Event Date and Excerpts, Event List and Options.

  32. Many templates include style options and settings for adding a Banner Image or Header Background Image. You can use the Style Editor in these templates to select a default image for all of your banner areas or you can set a specific image for each page within the Site Manager.

  33. Markdown Cheatsheet

    Reference & Syntax reference for the Markdown language.

  34. Image Metadata is information attached to images files which provide details about the picture. You can import some image metadata when adding images to your site.

  35. We currently keep deleted account data for approximately 4 months after account closure.

  36. How do I remove "Powered by Squarespace" from my site?

    You can remove the default “Powered by Squarespace” text from the Footer of your site by using the Preview Editor. This text is optional and you’re welcome to remove it and replace it with other content.

  37. Can I export my site?

    You can export certain content from your Squarespace site into an .xml file. This is useful if you want to back up your site or export content into WordPress.

  38. Can I back up my site?

    You can back up certain content from your site by exporting it to an .xml file from the Import / Export tab in within your Settings.

  39. Importing Content From Squarespace 5

    Squarespace 6 allows you to import blogs from your Squarespace 5 site.

  40. Using Blog Excerpts

    Use blog excerpts to add introductory text to your Blog Page, allowing your readers to get a taste or a teaser of the blog post ( like this sentence does).

  41. How do I generate an HAR file?

    Sometimes, when troubleshooting issues, a Customer Care agent may ask you to generate an HAR file. You can use the steps in this guide to generate the file.

  42. You can use Squarespace Logo to customize a logo for your site.

  43. You can post an image with a title and description to your Gallery Page via email from your computer or mobile device.

  44. Getting a JavaScript Console Error

    Sometimes, when troubleshooting, Customer Care may ask you for a screenshot of your browser's JavaScript console. This guide helps you to find it.

  45. How do I add a page not linked in navigation?

    You can add pages to your site that don't appear in your Navigation but are still available by a direct link.

  46. How do I set a page password?

    You can hide individual pages behind a password.

  47. How do I disable extensions or add-ons in my web browser?

    Browser add-ons and extensions provide great additional functionality for your web browsers, however some of them can interfere with the normal operation of your Squarespace site.  If you are having issues with the display or performance of your site, our support staff may ask you to disable these extensions.

  48. How should I format my images for display on the web?

    Squarespace takes the guesswork out of setting up images for the web. Once you upload an image to your site, we create six variations of it with different widths so it looks great on any screen size.

  49. Can I recover deleted content?

    Deleted content may or may not be able to be recovered, depending on the type of content and where you added it.

  50. I can't see my custom code while logged into my site. Why is that?

    Can't see your code while logged in? Learn why and how you can view your code.