Group Workshops

Get started side-by-side with members of the Squarespace community. Each group workshop lasts 90 minutes and is limited to 10 people per session. We'll begin with a presentation and end with self-guided exploration to help you build your site.


Group workshops are a great way to learn about Squarespace. We cover topics from getting started to advanced building techniques. As a note, we're unable to provide any custom programming support, including Code Injection or CSS. However, we'll use our time to help you make the best use of Squarespace to build a beautiful custom website.


Getting Started with Squarespace 7

Saturday, October 25th

Check back October 20th, 9:30a to sign up for the next Group Workshop. See you there!


Note: This is not an online workshop. Group workshops are in-person at our office here in New York. We ask that you only register if you're able to attend as space is limited.


How long are the workshops?

Each session lasts 90 minutes. The first hour will be a group presentation followed by a half-hour of self-guided exploration. In the last half-hour, Squarespace Advisors will float around the group to answer your questions.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, visit this page on the Monday before the workshop. Registration always starts at 9:30am EST. Space is limited, and the workshops usually fill up quickly. We recommend bookmarking this page and visiting it exactly at 9:30 to increase the chance of reserving a spot.

You must be in the New York City area to attend.

What should I bring with me?

If you have a laptop, bring it with you to the workshop. This will allow you to follow along, apply the concepts we review to your own website, and work on your site with our help.

If you don't have your own laptop to bring along with you, don’t worry. We have plenty of computers you can use.

If you bring your own computer, check that your software and browsers are up to date. This avoids waiting time for updates and helps us make the most out of our 45-minute session. You can check if your browser is up to date using our Browse Freely tool.

What topics will we cover?

We’ll cover various topics from getting started with Squarespace, building page, different templates, and Squarespace Commerce to name a few.

We'll answer any questions you have on adding content, making style changes, setting up Commerce, incorporating images, setting up your domain, adjusting settings, connecting social accounts, and generally anything else on getting your site up and running.

As a note, one-on-one workshops don't cover tech support, advanced coding, or Developer Platform questions.

I'm curious about Squarespace, but I don't have a site yet. Can I attend a workshop?

Yes, you're welcome to join us. Group workshops are open to anyone who's interested, including long-time, new, and potential Squarespace users. If you don't have a site yet, we'll help you sign up for a trial and get started.